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The quality of software applications is critical to any organization. Increasing compliance mandates, application complexity, and distributed environments make it necessary for organizations to find appropriate solutions to prevent application and performance failures. GSR has expertise in innovative enterprise testing and test automation solutions for over 15 years, helping organizations minimize risk, support growth, and meet business needs.


Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools are the need of the hour. The integration of ALM is essential to remove inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the software development process and develop best practice for virtually every major phase of the software application process, including:

The use of GSR’s ALM helps a company

What exactly can one expect from GSR’ Application Life-Cycle Management?


GSR’s Test Advisory Service (TAS) provides expert advice to help you embark on your next-generation QA journey.


GSR’s Test Automation expertise assures customers of best practices, low cost, and optimum use of resources. Automation testing helps organizations meet their goal in software development processes to release the product on time. A test automation tool is a key part of successful software projects as it includes –

Automated Software Testing helps on some of the critical parameters like cost, schedule, and quality that are essential to the success of any software development and product.


“Ensuring mission critical applications work faster and smarter”

Organizations leverage a wide spectrum of packaged applications, many of which are further customized to support their business-critical functions and practices. Managing and maintaining such a highly customized and integrated application environment requires a smart testing strategy so that one can avoid the negative impact on the business.

A reliable and well-defined testing strategy enables you to sustain the quality and performance of applications. GSR brings strong capabilities in end-to-end testing of core business applications across industries, with a special focus on packaged or off-the-shelf applicatio


SOA and service-oriented middleware have transformed businesses today, creating IT environments that are fully integrated with linked, repeatable business processes and establishing a communication layer between applications and back-end systems.


Performance Testing – With a focus on greater customer convenience and providing them with real benefits, experts at our testing automation lab make sure that the performance & load automation framework perfectly suits your requirements, improves software quality, and adds strategic significance to the product life cycle.

GSR’s exclusive technology allows you to perform web testing more quickly, efficiently, and frequently, which means you can immediately identify the root cause of any bottlenecks or issues.

Load testing – is the process of putting demand on a system or device and measuring its response. There is little agreement on what the specific goals of load testing are. The term is often used synonymously with software performance testing, reliability testing, and volume testing.

GSR’s load testing software solution designed for web and mobile applications to realistically simulate user activity and monitor infrastructure behaviour.

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Improved quality and productivity, Reduction in Cost/Time-to-Market


Improved quality and productivity, Reduction in Cost/Time-to-Market

Delivery Model

Managed Services

100% GSR ownership, no need to worry about delivery

Shared Services

Shared Resources/Tools cost, Cost reduction by 20%-50% in overall engagement


Automation/Performance Framework

Upfront 50-90% Cost Reduction in creation of framework by using readily available built in framework

BPT-Health Care/BPT-CRM (MS, Oracle, Sales Force, SAP)

Upfront 70-95% cost reduction in creation of framework by using readily available built in workflow/test scripts and framework, Improved accuracy/quality,

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