Healthcare "RETAIL" Experience

Healthcare “Retail” Experience

» Consumers are no longer passive patients, but rather engaged—and more discerning – customers wielding new tools and better information to comparison shop

» Retailers are also claiming their piece of the action

» Walgreens has extended its retail clinic services to include diagnosis and care management for chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes

Evidence suggests these retailers and other new players are stealing business away from traditional care providers

Healthcare Challenges & Game Changers

Healthcare Challenges

» Competition will intensify in 2016 as firms from more customer savvy industries such as retail and technology invade the health space

» Organizations that fail to adapt will risk declining revenues as consumers turn elsewhere to have their health needs met

Healthcare Game Changers – SMAC

Leading health systems are embedding social, mobile, analytic and cloud (SMAC) technologies successfully used by other industries to extend and supplement their existing workforce