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Microsoft SharePoint is one of our primary consulting practice areas. We have built and deployed customized SharePoint-based solutions for companies ranging in size from the Fortune 500 to small. Our SharePoint experts are up-to-date on the latest developments in SharePoint technologies, so rest assured that you will get the best return for your investment with us.

Whether your needs encompass business planning and technical design through implementation or are in any stage in the process, GSR can assist you.


Put social media to work

Share ideas, discover answers and keep track of what your colleagues are working with new social features throughout SharePoint.

Share your stuff

Publish content to SharePoint from any Office application and share with people inside and outside your organization in a few simple clicks.

Take SharePoint on the go

Share documents, update your activity feed and keep in touch with your colleagues from your mobile phone or tablet.

Keep projects on track

Organize all your projects and tasks to get visibility into upcoming deliverables across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project.

Keep your team connected

Set up a new team site in minutes track meeting notes and bring together all your team's email and documents in one place.

Store and sync your docs

Sync your content in SharePoint to your desktop with SkyDrive Pro, so docs are just a mouse click away, even if you're offline.

Find experts you never knew existed

Connect with people across your organization and easily discover interests, past projects and documents they've worked on.

Discover insights and answers

Turn raw data into gorgeous interactive reports with Excel and publish to SharePoint to share insights with the people you work with.

Find what you're looking for

Customize and narrow your search to deliver more relevant results, and get recommendations on people and documents to follow.

Build apps in the cloud

Build apps on common web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and oAuth with the new Cloud App Model for SharePoint.

Publish apps to the SharePoint store

Make your apps available to everyone to try and buy through the public Store or only available to your employees through the corporate catalog.

Build eye-catching sites

Use familiar design tools and flexible controls to create dynamic intranet and internet sites to share your organization's vision with everyone.

Manage costs

Reduce your infrastructure costs and extend the boundaries of sharing by running SharePoint in the cloud with Office 365.

Manage risk

New archiving, eDiscovery and case management capabilities extend across SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.

Manage your time

Spend more time delivering innovation and less time managing infrastructure with advances in SharePoint scale, performance and management capabilities.


GSR’s services are tailored for the increasing pressures for cost reduction, efficiency and flexibility faced by most enterprises today. We use proven, time-tested development processes, tools and methodologies. We can work independently or collaboratively with your IT staff to achieve your business objectives within your time and cost constraints.

1. Planning, Set Up and Configurations
Planning, Set Up and Configurations
  • Mapping organization structure and business process terminology into a SharePoint implementation
  • Setting up content and document management (taxonomy, metadata, content types, workflows, information management policies)
  • Setting up, configuring and installing your server farm and Portals (internal and/or external)
  • Migrate SharePoint from any Platform
  • Upgrade SharePoint from any version
2. Solution Development
Solution Development
  • Implementing solutions using out-of-the-box capabilities
  • Implementation of SharePoint object model
  • Building custom Web parts, Site Definitions, Features and Solutions
  • Building work flow solutions
  • Integrated with external systems / applications such as SAP, BizTalk, Dynamics CRM, Oracle ERP, Sales force, Active Directory, Line of Business systems, etc.,
  • Building end-to-end knowledge base and business intelligence solutions using SharePoint or Integrated external systems data
3. Pre-Packaged Consulting Solutions
Pre-Packaged Consulting Solutions

This package is great for companies that are planning to roll out SharePoint within three months and need to get expert help during setup. After one week, the system administrators will be trained and will have a fully functional SharePoint environment. They will be ready to continue information organization work and bring in other content managers into the process, as necessary.

  • Installation of SharePoint farm to support testing, staging and production deployments
  • Single server or high availability server-farm setup (network load-balancing and SQL mirroring)
  • Information organization, security, and basic document management setup
  • Look and feel customization
  • End user/contributor training
  • Search and user profiles setup
  • Backup and restore configuration
  • Standard Set-up and Training


Organizations today are facing multiple challenges when it comes to the ever-growing complexity within the existing application infrastructure and the availability of business relevant information that is stored in different systems. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions help you.

  • manage unstructured information and content
  • facilitate company-wide standardization
  • easily access information
  • manage applications to
    • capture
    • manage
    • store
    • preserve
    • deliver information and documents related to organizational processes
  • Over the last several years organizations have also created a huge volume of unstructured content that includes

    • documents
    • e-mail messages
    • videos
    • web pages
    • instant messages

    The following features of ECM can help organizations manage their content better -

    • manage diverse content
    • Satisfy compliance and legal requirements
    • Streamline business processes

    GSR has built custom Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions based on the Microsoft Platform for companies in industries including Life Sciences, Retail, Financial Services, and High-Tech Manufacturing, and can help overcome these challenges.

Business Collaboration


Why is collaboration so compelling now? Employees want to work anywhere, anytime and on any device. The sweeping adoption of social media is driving higher expectations for technology in the workplace and changing the dynamic between companies and their customers.

  • Eliminate barriers to team productivity
  • Work better together
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Collaborate beyond your business

When companies work like a network, they can improve collaboration inside and outside of the organization, adapt more quickly to change, and drive more effective results—together.

Top Trends in Collaboration are -

  • Social & Productivity
  • Cloud
  • Platform Mobility
  • Data & Insights

GSR can help your company open doors and increase productivity with a business portal and collaboration solution that is cost-effective, integrated, and scalable. This would enable employees to share information more efficiently across your enterprise, as well as with customers.


Unlike other solutions, SharePoint provides the most integrated, accessible, and user-friendly BI Solution on the market today. Insights in SharePoint is enabled through a number of robust offerings, including Microsoft Excel, Excel Services, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Performance Point Services, and Power BI.

  • SharePoint provides Performance Point, Power BI, Excel, Visio and other services to build effective dashboards and to visualize business processes.
  • Microsoft Power Pivot for Excel and SharePoint allow users to analyze large data sets and create visually powerful models and dashboards.


Benefits of SharePoint BI

  • Deliver the Best Productivity Experience
  • Cut Costs with a Unified Infrastructure
  • Rapidly Respond to Business Needs
Business Intelligence services


The application is designed to make employees more self-sufficient, automate process flow, and shorten cycle times. The result, employees spend more time focusing on their job, management has greater visibility and overall organization productivity is enhanced.

Additionally, internal service department staff (HR, IT, and Admin) call and email load is reduced due to service request automation.

Rather having to request services using time consuming phone calls and emails, employees can make internal requests for service in a single place.

A centralized service request feature allows employees to submit service requests to departments such as HR, IT, Accounting or any department using the Department Template.

Service or help desk requests are routed to the responsible department, and the employee is kept current on request status through the portal and email notifications.

The requests are tracked and managed in each department, saving both the employee (not having to follow-up) and department staff time.
Also, putting in place this structure provides internal operations management (CFO, GM or COO) with an overall picture of internal services productivity.


The power of digital video allows communicators to ensure messages are seen, heard, and absorbed through picture and sound. Combining the power of streaming digital video with the vast reach of the Internet creates endless possibilities for directly delivering messages straight to viewers’ desktops.


Live Streaming


To provide your employees with an internet channel that shows events as they are happening, a live video stream must be sent in real time.


Corporate UTube


A video on demand (VoD) portal opens up new possibilities for streaming with the convenience of displaying original video programs that is available to viewers anytime, from anywhere.

Choosing GSR means choosing a professional quality, reliable solution that’s optimized through design to fit your needs.

SharePoint Services

  • Information Architecture Planning
  • Deployment Planning
  • Custom Development
  • Branding & User Experience
  • User Adoption & Training
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Business Process Management
  • Migrations & Integration with LOB, CRM & ERP systems
SP Service

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