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US Healthcare Scenario & Affordable Care Act Goals

» As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) proceeds into 2016, new norms and opportunities are rapidly reshaping the $2.8 trillion US health sector

» Healthcare organizations must adjust to empowered consumers, rapid innovation and most notably increasing competition from non-traditional players


» Increasing the quality and affordability of health insurance

» Lowering the uninsured rate by expanding public and private insurance coverage

» Reducing the costs of healthcare for individuals and the government

Healthcare is finally undergoing a customer-centric transformation that many other industries long ago embraced

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Healthcare “Retail” Experience

» Consumers are no longer passive patients, but rather engaged—and more discerning - customers wielding new tools and better information to comparison shop



» Retailers are also claiming their piece of the action

» Walgreens has extended its retail clinic services to include diagnosis and care management for chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes

Evidence suggests these retailers and other new players are stealing business away from traditional care providers

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Healthcare Challenges & Game Changers

Healthcare Challenges

» Competition will intensify in 2016 as firms from more customer savvy industries such as retail and technology invade the health space

» Organizations that fail to adapt will risk declining revenues as consumers turn elsewhere to have their health needs met

Healthcare Game Changers - SMAC



Leading health systems are embedding social, mobile, analytic and cloud (SMAC) technologies successfully used by other industries to extend and supplement their existing workforce

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US Healthcare Trends – “Social” CRM

A leading Healthcare provider is using customer relationship management (CRM) software developed for the retail industry to improve population health



Community Outreach

» Community Health Education

» Services Outreach/Promotion

» Financial Donor Management

Relationship Management

» Patients, Physicians, Clinicians, Academic Institutions

Case Coordination

» Patient Information Management (Pre/Post Admission Communication)

» Pre-Authorizations / Eligibility

» Referrals (Home Health, Nursing Home / Assisted Living, Physical Therapy / Occupational Therapy)

Case Management

» Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Cardiovascular)

» Clinical Trials

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US Healthcare Trends - Mobile

» Today, only 27% of physicians are encouraging patients to use mobile health applications

» But 59% of physicians and insurer’s believe that widespread adoption of mobile health applications in the near future is unavoidable

Providers and consumers are increasingly adopting mobile health technologies

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Healthcare Mobility Landscape



Hospital Operations

» Asset & Inventory Management

» Specimen Management

» EMR extended to mobile for patient care

» Queue bursting for outpatient management

» Mobile Dashboards

Healthcare Staff

» Patient data on the palms everywhere

» Remote disease monitoring

» Messaging solutions

» Mobile as a diagnostic device


» Social solutions for engagement

» Drug administration solution

» Utility Solutions

» Information & service request interactive kiosk solutions

» Appointment Management

» Chronic Disease Management

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US Healthcare Trends - Integration



While the health industry has dabbled in social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technologies during the past few years, many organizations have failed to integrate them to the major information systems they use to run their businesses

» (EHRs), R&D, Member and sales management systems used by insurers and retail pharmacies

Health organizations will first need a strategy that connects modern technologies to their primary systems

GSR Healthcare Testing Experience


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GSR Healthcare Application Development & Integration Experience



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