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Five Forces Reshaping Education

» The globalization of education is accelerating with the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the web.

» Funding from key sources (Govt, Alumni) is continuing to fall, putting many institutions at severe financial risk

» Demands are rising for a greater return on investment in higher education

» Greater transparency about educational outcomes (graduation rates, college-enrollment rates, test scores etc.) is becoming the norm.

» New business and delivery models are gaining traction

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Education Technology Trends



» The Education CIO’s attention has moved from day to day technology challenges to finding strategic solutions to institutional problems.

» Higher Education institutions are now compelled to adopt digital business model innovations as the new way of thinking.

» With cloud and a digital mindset, institutions can collect and utilize data like never before.

» The opportunities for improving student services are endless and this will be the focus for institutions over the next few years

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CRM for Education

» Admissions and advancement offices have been the traditional users of customer relationship management (CRM) software.

» In 2016, analysts predict that institutions will progressively seek fully-developed CRM solutions that track a student from the initial contact with the institution, through enrollment, and entry into alumnus status.

» Student life cycle - Collecting communications and exchanges between the student and all campus stakeholders—including professors, registrars, athletic coaches, career services, advisors, and housing staff—will provide the institution with a “360-degree” view of the student that enables them to fully maximize student lifetime value.

» By creating tighter relationships with students, the institution will reap the awards in retention, future recruitment and, ultimately, advancement.

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CRM Education Use Cases



» Alumni and Donor Management

» General Administration

   » Transportation, Food Services, Asset Management

» Recruitment & Retention

» Student Outreach

» Student Information System

» Faculty and Staff Management

» Social Engagement

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Microsoft SharePoint Education Use Cases

» Dynamic Websites for publishing content using WCM

» Student Self Service

» Document Management System for Office 365 Educational Institutions

» Learning Management System with integrated Live Streaming and Video on Demand (VoD)

» Library Management

» Community portals for students

» Departmental Sites for faculty

» Student Portal for assessments

» Integrated Yammer for social networking

» Skype for instant messaging

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Business Intelligence Education Use Cases



» Admission Dashboards

» Community Dashboards

» Enrollment Reports

» Lead Management Reports

» Faculty Management Reports

» Trend Reports