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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)



» The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is revolutionizing many industries, and manufacturing is no exception.

» Manufacturers are using IIoT to digitize their overall businesses—finding new ways to engage with customers and optimizing operations.

» Operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) are coming together for the first time, creating new opportunities for digital manufacturers to transform their offerings.

New Trends in Manufacturing



» 82% of manufacturers using IoT increased operational efficiency and improved product quality

» 79% of manufacturing leaders already use IoT technologies to track customers, products, business premises, or supply chain

» $913B Market potential of manufacturing IoT spend by 2018

» $10.6T Cumulative GDP impact of IIoT by 2030

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Optimize business and Manufacturing processes



» Millions of connected products, people, and things produce terabytes of data every day.

» Manufacturers that access this information and extract deep insights are able to optimize business and manufacturing processes better than ever before— streamlining operations, making more informed business decisions, and predicting customer preferences and behaviors.

» Insight from this data helps manufacturers identify new revenue streams by developing high-value service offerings focused on how products and customers interact in the real world.

Customer Expectations



» Customer expectations are also changing faster than ever before.

» Manufacturers are rushing to catch up and create business models that attract and retain customers wanting new experiences, new services, and new technologies.

» Customers no longer base loyalty solely on brand but rather on the integrated experience that a brand provides.

» They may change allegiance quickly to products that integrate new ideas or to services that make their lives easier.

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Excellence in Design and Engineering



» Excellence in design and engineering are no longer enough.

» To gain competitive advantage in today’s market requires redesigning and reengineering the customer experience.

» IIoT is capable of addressing these imperatives so manufacturers can create, advance, and maintain competitive edge by connecting products, people, and services in this new age of manufacturing

Digital Transformation



» Manufacturers now have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with customers in a 1:1 relationship.

» Manufacturers must be able to selectively choose the capabilities that their employees need in order to improve productivity and collaboration across the value chain.

» Manufacturers must be able to selectively choose the capabilities they need to enhance operational and service excellence to deliver new business value without replacing current implementations—ensuring the continuity of current manufacturing and business processes.

» By using a modular platform, manufacturers can differentiate offerings while adapting to increasing customer expectations and the new speed of business.

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Implementing IIoT



Device Connectivity & Management

» Gain visibility, access and control to machinery and processes

Data management & Insights

» Manage KPIs to improve operational performance and decision making

Advanced Analytics

» Anticipate problems and deliver new value added services

Business Productivity & Process Optimization

» Integrate People and Business Process